Stop Motion Animation


During the week I was in 5th class in the Convent Primary school in Nenagh to work with the girls on Stop Motion animations.  My kit included 3 boxes of props and 6 Apple devices.  The boxes of props included a box of Lego, a box of small toy characters including Littlest Pet Shop toys, Sylvanian family characters and Tatty Teddy toys and the final box contained various toys including tables, chairs, beds a boat and lots of other interesting props.  There were 25 in the group and they were divided into 5 groups of 4 and a group of 5.  They hadn’t heard of stop motion animation before so I was curious to see how it would go.


After a brief overview of what was involved they got to work planning out their animations.  Then came the most difficult part of the process – choosing their characters and props.  Each group used a device with the Stop Motion Studio app installed. The next half an hour saw all of the groups working on their projects.  The hum of excited chatter told me I’d definitely chosen the perfect project for the afternoon 🙂


Here is some of their work

Some of the girls made a second animation

Not bad for an hours work 🙂


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