TeachMeet BETT 2014

Last Friday night I found myself at my first TeachMeet at BETT.  This is widely acknowledged to be the largest TeachMeet in the world with the 2014 event having 650 attendees.  A TeachMeet is an informal meeting of educators to share best practice, ideas and innovation in teaching.  We were reminded of the rules at the start by the MCs Kate (@KateRussell) and Ian (@iusher)


Russel Tarr (@RusselTarr) kicked off the Meet with a 7 minute presentation in which we heard about classtools.net, a website with lots of resources including the random name generator which was used on he night to decide who was presenting and when.



Next up was Chris Waugh (@Edutronic_Net) telling us about how technology can transform teaching and blogging with his school at edutronic.net …


Then it was the turn of Alex Warner (@EducationAlex), Graham Wilmott and James Turner to tell us about HOTSkills.me, a website to assist learners


Cecilia Christiansen (@cematematik) then told us about the MatchBox Equations, an app designed to help with learning the fundamentals of algebra


Next up was Kathryn Evans (@KathrynWiki) telling us about how Google drives her classroom


Then it was the turn of Mark Anderson (@ICTEvangelist) to tell us about Tech tools for IMPACT in your lesson


Some of the resources shared by Mark …


Next came Julian Wood (@Ideas_Factory) telling us to be the purple cow!



Leon Cych (eyebeams) then told spoke about CPD TV


The Aurasma Augmented Reality app was shared by Alessio Bernardelli (@asober)


Alex Isaachsen (@AlexIsaachsen) then shared “speed geeking”, a means of sharing short sharp bursts of tech in a school.  12 geeks 7 minutes each (a little like the TeachMeet :))


Then Steve Bunce (@stevebunce) shared the ‘Thomas was alone’ BAFTA award winning game about friendship, jumping and so much more.


Jon Tait (@teamtait) shared his thoughts on using Social Media to create a global audience for student work


Kurt Soser (@kurtsoeser) spoke about 21st Century Maths


We then heard about @batttuk (bring a teacher to twitter) from Stephen Lockyer (@StephenLockyer) and  Ben Waldram (@MrWaldram)


Stephen stayed on stage to be joined by Sarah Findlater (@MsFindlater) to tell us about Igniting change through @SLTchat


Next up was Miles Berry (@mberry) who gave a very enjoyable demonstration of recursion using the TouchDevelop app


Oliver Quinlan (@oliverquinlan) reminded us that we need doers  but we also need thinkers too … He also shared the Education Endowment Foundation website.


Mar Dixon (@mardixon) gave her presentation complete with Google Glass …


Then came Andy Field to share his bring your own browser presentation


The second last presentation was given by Catherine Steel (@TaffTykeC)


Rachel Jones (@rlj1981) closed proceedings with a very entertaining presentation on ICT Wins for Non ICT Geeks


As you may have guessed at this stage I absolutely loved the live capture of the TeachMeet by the amazingly talented people at Creative Connection.



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