BT Young Scientist Exhibition

I’m ashamed to say, that before this year, I had never attended the Young Scientist exhibition.  I’m normally teaching when it comes around, and in prior years I felt that my children were too young to go so I never managed to get there.  That changed last year but for various reasons we didn’t make it so this year we vowed to go.  Now that I have been I can’t really understand why I didn’t go sooner!

Last Friday saw my son, daughter and I head to Dublin.  Once inside the exhibition, there was so much to see and do that we weren’t sure where to start.  There were exhibits from Science Foundation Ireland, Analog Devices, CoderDojo, RTE and so much more.  We were drawn back to this section throughout the day as there were lots of interactive activities for attendees here.


IMG_8332[1]Ther were also shows running throughout the day.  We went to the ’50 Years of Space Exploration’ and ‘Titan the Robot’ .  Both lasted about 20 minutes and were very enjoyable.

IMG_8335[1]The rest of our time was spent wandering through the hundreds of projects on display by students.  There was such a wide variety of topics covered that it’s very hard to summarise here.  There were a few that we saw that stuck with us for various reasons.  One that really caught my eye was Kayleigh’s key to speech.  This was a very simple idea at heart where a system was built to allow a student with cerebral palsy to participate in class using some buttons with predefined phrases.  What impressed me the most was that the project grew from a desire to fill a real need in the classroom to give a student a voice.

IMG_8334[1]Some other projects I liked were

  • the 3D printer
  • the app to identify wild flowers
  • the investigation into Project Maths and the benefits for students problem solving skills
  • the suicide awareness app
  • the use of wireless sensors to enhance martial arts performance

to name but a few.  We only saw a small proportion of the projects on show but what we did see was very impressive.

IMG_8338[1]Before we left we had a look at the projects in the Primary school section.  Unfortunately, by the time we discovered this area a lot of the teams had packed up their projects but there was still lots to see.

IMG_8336[1]If you haven’t been to the Young Scientist Exhibition before, my advice is to put it in your diary for next year.  It’s already in mine!


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