Photography challenges for 2014

After completing my Year in pictures for 2013 I find myself in three separate photography challenges for 2014!  I enjoyed the 2013 1 pic a day challenge so much that I’m continuing to take a picture a day for 2014.  I’ll post monthly summaries here.  In the meantime check out the pictures so far here.

I’ve also signed up for a weekly challenge where there’s a theme per week.  For more information on the themes check out Jane Hewitt’s blog post.   So far the themes have been :

Week 1 : Me

Week 2 : Made me smile

Week 3 : Why?

I’m enjoying the variety of the themes even if this week’s theme has been a bit of a challenge!  You can see the pictures so far here.

The final challenge I’ve signed up for is a 100x challenge.  This simply involves choosing your X (or theme) and taking 100 pictures on this theme throughout the year.  When I’m taking photos I often find myself drawn to churches so that’s what I’ve chosen as my theme.  I love the architecture, the shapes and lines, the stained glass and so much more.  So far I’ve taken photos of 6 churches.  I’m looking forward to continuing the challenge while keeping a variety throughout the pictures and choosing an appropriate picture to represent each church.  You can see the pictures so far here.


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