This summer I’m loving … Instagram


I joined Instagram towards the end of last year but didn’t really use it much until this summer. Instagram is a photo sharing app which allows people to interact by following each other, similar to Twitter, and liking and commenting on each others posts, similar to Facebook.  Like so many other social media sites it all depends on the connections you make.  At the start of this summer I made a decision to step back from Twitter.  I use Twitter mostly for educational purposes and felt the need to take a break from most things educational for at least part of the summer break.  In its place I chose to use mostly Instagram and Facebook for my social media interactions.

In case you think I’m a professional photographer in hiding, nothing could be further from the truth!! But my year in pictures, which I have undertaken this year, has really awakened a love of snapping pictures as I go.  I’m part of a Flickr group who are all undertaking the year in pictures. There are about 50 of us who started back in January and I’m really enjoying the interactions as we comment on each others pictures etc.  I’ve been having problems with the Flickr app on my phone for the past few months though, so uploading my pictures has become a bit of a chore.  The other issue with the Flickr group is that you have to pick just one picture that represents the day (I have cheated sometimes by creating a collage :-)).

As a result I’ve looked to Instagram to overcome these issues.  We chose not to go abroad on holidays and to take a few mini breaks in Ireland instead this year.  I’ve used my iPhone extensively over the last few months snapping pictures everywhere I go (much to the embarrassment of my son!!).  I love taking pictures and find the ease with which you can upload them to Instagram just makes it a joy to use.  My Instagram gallery has become a lovely reminder of a great summer. I have captured our meanderings around the country as well as the enjoyable days we’ve had closer to home.  Interacting with others, some of whom I know and some of whom I don’t has been good fun too.  So if you like taking pictures and don’t already use Instagram maybe it’s time to have a look.


2 responses to “This summer I’m loving … Instagram

  1. Great to share with you on Instagram, Pam! I am a light user of Instagram, posting most of my photos on Flickr. Terms of Service change often, and in their current incarnations I feel that I have more control over my images on Flickr — so that’s my primary photo-sharing site. TOS change frequently, of course, so I just try to keep abreast of the changes and make my decisions accordingly.

    As you point out, Instagram has a lot going for it: the community is great (though smaller, in my experience, than before the sale to Facebook), the user interface is top-notch, and the ease of use is unquestionable. I’ll continue to use it for occasional travel and conference photos — to share, connect and chat with some of my favourite people 🙂

    • Catherine, like you I used to mainly use Flickr for photo sharing. However, the problems with the iPhone and iPad app that I have been unable to overcome, have meant that I haven’t been able to use Flickr on the go. This has led me to fall in to using Instagram and I’ve been really enjoying it. I look forward to continuing the interaction on various social media sites 🙂

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