Social Media in Education

Social Media Landscape

Last week I delivered a couple of ‘Social Media in Education’ workshops as part of a Staff Development Day in LIT.  Bernie Goldbach and I were scheduled to give the sessions. Unfortunately Bernie couldn’t make it on the day, but in his inimitable style he didn’t let that small detail stop him, and despite not being there still managed to steal the limelight 🙂

One of the problems with delivering a workshop such as this, is that it can be hard to know where to even start because there are so many applications and so little time.   Bernie and I spent some time working on what we should cover and agreed that we should each talk about what social media we use, how we use it and that we could then give a practical session on applications such as Twitter or Google+.

When I was preparing my presentation I kept coming back to a picture that Catherine Cronin uploaded to the 1 pic a day group in Flickr.

shared values

Image from

 This for me is what makes social media so powerful – it facilitates an ongoing conversation among people with shared values.  This shared values theme came through very strongly in the Social Learning Workshops that Nick Jackson and Abhay Adhikari delivered here in LIT in September.  It was something that really resonated with me at the time, and so helped to shape how my presentation and delivery of the workshop evolved.

On the day Bernie showcased social media in all it’s glory, by producing a Slideshare with audio, which allowed him to present at the workshop albeit in spirit only.  He conveyed the power and the potential of Social Media in such an eloquent way, and made my job of facilitating the workshop so easy so thanks Bernie 🙂   I really enjoyed facilitating the workshops and hope that the conversations begun on the day will continue …

A link to the Prezi that I used as a conversation starter can be found here and Bernie’s slideshare can be found here.


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