Moving out of your comfort zone

I started this blog by outlining the things I wanted to change as I started the new 2011/2012 academic year.  In that post I resolved to do things differently and I have begun that process. I may not have followed those resolutions to the letter but I believe I have followed them in essence.   I’m re-committing to doing things differently as I start 2013. Comfort Zone Doing things differently often involves moving out of your comfort zone.  This is something I’ve been experiencing to varying degrees over the past few years, as I’ve joined Twitter and started this blog and begun to share my thoughts, both professional and personal.  I’ve gotten more comfortable with seeing my thoughts in black and white but I’ve always been uncomfortable with using audio to share what I have to say.  I’m not used to hearing my voice in recordings, I sound very different to what I think I sound like but I suppose everyone feels like that.  I see my children recording themselves and their friends using a plethora of technologies that make it so easy and I envy how comfortable they are with it.

Over the month I’ve been taking some tentative steps out of my audio comfort zone and I have to say I’ve enjoyed it.  Bernie Goldbach has been nudging me down the audio route for the past few years but I’ve resisted until recently.  Bernie has begun an educasting Audioboo channel.  He asked me to join himself and Fred Boss in a chat on Wednesday 5th December.  The plan was to discuss the previous Monday’s #edchatie topic ‘Teaching creatively’ among other things.  Without thinking too much about it I decided to just get on with it and get involved.  I have to say I really enjoyed chatting with Fred and Bernie and this led to further chats with Bernie, Eugene O’Loughlin and Mike Kiely over the following weeks to discuss ‘Student voices’, the theme for the ICT in Education conference in May.  I’m still not really comfortable listening back to the conversations but I’m getting there 🙂   Have a listen to our conversations in episodes 16, 18, 19 and 20 on the Audioboo channel.

My advice this New Year is to take a step out of your comfort zone.  You never know you might even enjoy it 🙂


2 responses to “Moving out of your comfort zone

  1. Know how you feel – I also stepped out if my comfort zone to go audio. I like it because it’s immediate and I love listening to podcasts too, do was great to be involved in one.
    Bernie has a great way of making you feel relaxed and keeps the flew of the conversation moving at a tidy pace while staying very focused on the topic.
    Have listened in to you on the others too and really enjoyed them.

    • Thanks Fred.
      I agree that Bernie keeps them nicely on track and guides you through the topic nicely while still allowing a natural flow of conversation. It really surprised me how quickly the time went in all the chats I was involved in 🙂

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