Last Friday evening saw me make my way to Mary Immaculate College in Limerick for a CESI Meet, an informal evening of chat and sharing of ideas between educators.  With my great sense of direction I was a banker to get lost as I tried to find where I needed to be but thankfully I made it to the right place in time (helped by directions from Conor Power :-))

At the CESI Meet all those who agreed to present had their names entered in a fruit machine so it’s completely random when you get to present.  I had agreed to present at the Meet – I came across a great app in the last few weeks called Pixengo which I’ve previously written about here  so I decided to present on this.  I’ve used the app a bit in the last few weeks and really liked the simplicity which belied the very real potential of this app in Education.  I had used the app with two first class groups during the week – with one group we used it to get children to make up their own maths stories for Maths week and with the other group we used it to get a class to recite a Halloween poem and display some of their Halloween artwork.   I had thought I’d have a chance to settle but my name was one of the first ones out of the fruit machine!  You can check out my Prezi here. What followed was two and a half hours of chat and great ideas being shared.  Presentations included RSS feeds, Weebly, Glogster, Interactive Whiteboard resources, Junior Cert Reform, Puppet Pals app, Internet safety, Textease all finished with a flourish with presentations on Raspberry Pi, Apple products/accessories, Pinterest and Learnist.  We also had a Skype call with Ira Socol in the US  and a pre recorded video from Linda Paddon in Melbourne.

For my part what I took away from CESI Meet SW

  1. I need to look into RSS feeds – I probably shouldn’t admit I haven’t subscribed to lots of feeds.  It’s something I’ve skirted around for a while so I think the time has come to just get on with it!
  2. I’ve found a great use for Pixengo in my own house – we’ve been struggling a bit with English and Irish spellings. On the English side we’re using the Spelling Hero app which is working well but it’s not really working for Irish spellings.  Starting tomorrow I’m getting my daughter to write our her spellings and use Pixengo to photgraph them (with a picture she’s drawn of the object where possible) and record herself both saying the word and spelling it.
  3. I need to relook at Pinterest

Thank you to Hellie, John and Nigel for putting together a great evening of sharing.   If you’re an educator in Ireland and haven’t had a chance to go to a CESI Meet yet you really should try to get to one.  Even better go along and share what you’re doing in your classroom. The next CESI Meet is on in Dundalk on the 9th of November.


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