Screencasting with Doceri

Following on from my previous post on Screenr this post will deal with screencasting using Doceri, an iPad application that allows you to create screencasts of handwritten notes.  I like the freedom of doing a voiceover as I work through a problem by hand.  Downloading the desktop version of Doceri allows you to use your iPad as an interactive whiteboard but I haven’t investigated this functionality.

Once you’ve downloaded Doceri it’s easy to get started. You can choose a background from plain through various graph options, maps (mainly the continents with country borders shown) and many coloured and textured choices.  As with many of these editors there are choices of pen style, pen width etc.  Once you have made your choices you simply press record and away you go.  I have to say I liked Doceri but I did find that I needed to use a stylus as my writing was almost illegible without it (a bit of practice is needed even with the stylus – as with many of these tools it takes a bit of getting used to).  It’s worth noting that there is a Doceri stylus available which may help with precision but I haven’t used it.

To create a screencast you add new using the + button in the bottom left hand corner, choose you resolution and you’re ready to go.   As mentioned above you can change the background, pen etc. When you’re ready to start the recording simply press the red record button and start writing and talking.   It’s worth planning out what you want to cover to aid clarity.   As I’m new to screencasting, I’m still concious of what I’m saying, and do stumble a bit over what I want to say, but I’ll get there 🙂

One of the features of Doceri that I really like is the ability to pause the recording and come back to it.   You can add new slides, images,  at the click of a button.  It took me a while to find out how to get the recordings off the iPad – easiest way is to go into ‘My Recordings’ by clicking the red button which brings up all your recordings – from here you can publish to facebook or YouTube or email the video.  Selecting the recording also gives you the option to open it in Dropbox, Evernote, USB Disk or Knowtes (I’m not sure if these optios came up because I have these applications installed or if they are standard options).  For me the ability to open the screencasts in Dropbox makes it so accessible and easy to use.


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