This week I’m loving …..

I came across earlier this summer through Jane Boyd and her 45 conversations project.  Jane’s plan was to have 45 conversations with people, using Google+ hangouts, between July 1st and July 4th.   She set up a list on and sent out the link asking people to add their details if they were interested in participating.  I liked the look of and put it on the list (no pun intended :-)) of technologies to have a look at.  As so often happens I promptly forgot about it.   Not long after, Bernie Goldbach suggested crowdsourcing  a list of dream keynote presenters, which will help us in our planning for future ICT in Education conferences. That too went on the mental list of things to do but didn’t really go anywhere.

That all changed last week when Catherine Cronin put out the call for her #ITWomen list.  This prompted a few tweets and the #dreamkeynote list was born.

It was time to kill two birds with one stone.  Using couldn’t be simpler. You can login in using your Twitter or Facebook details.  When you add a list you simply give a title and description.  Advanced options include adding an image, tags, credits etc.   Once the list is created you simply share the link and watch it get populated.  I set up the #dreamkeynote list last Saturday and 4 days later there have been 35 names added to the list by 11 curators and almost 700 views of the list.  What I love about it is the ease with which you can collaborate on a simple project like our #dreamkeynote – everyone can add to it easily, you can see who has added to the list and get feedback on what items people like or dislike (in the advanced options you can remove the dislike option, customise the voting options etc.).

Have a look at our #dreamkeynote list and please add your suggestions.


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