Return to Coder Dojo

After a break for the summer the Limerick Coder Dojo begins again next Saturday 8th September.  We’re really looking forward to getting back to Saturday Dojo trips in this house.  It’s almost a year since these Saturday trips began and it’s fair to say that they have changed weekends in our house.  Over the year I’ve also got involved in the Thurles and Nenagh Dojos.  A restart date has yet to be decided for each of these Dojos.

My involvement as a mentor has largely been on the Scratch side so I’ve generally been working with the younger age group.  I love working with them.  Seeing how they go about making their games, and finding their way of achieving what they want to do, is pure gold for me.  I love how they mentor and encourage each other and how they love presenting their work.  If you want to get involved in a Dojo check out the Coder Dojo website to find your local Dojo so you can go along and have a look.

I’m also looking forward to the Coder Dojo conference on the 13th October, a chance to get together with mentors from other Dojos to share what we do and to plan for the future.  The organisers have set up a survey to help get ideas and shape what is discussed at the conference. Have your say here.


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