Integrating technology in your class

As many readers of my blog will know I’m one of the organisers of the ICT in Education conference which is held in Thurles in May every year.  The aim of the conference is to give educators across the levels an opportunity to meet and share ideas about how to weave technology into your teaching.  For the past few years we’ve been looking at ways of extending the reach of the conference past May with little success.  That’s about to change this year with a couple of new initiatives.

Firstly we’re delighted to have Nick Jackson and Abhay Adhikari deliver a set of workshops in Thurles on Saturday 22nd of September in the area of social media.  These workshops will allow attendees to investigate essential digital communication skills and create an online digital toolkit.

Secondly, after a chance conversation with Mark Glynn after the Friday CESI Meet at the May conference, we’ve now found a way to amplify the energy for technology in education which is so much a part of our ICT in Education conference.  The plan is to create a video roughly once a month which deals with a technology that can be used within the classroom.  The topic of the first video is Twitter in Education and we (this is a royal we so really Mark has done all of the work :-)) have created a video with input from a number of educators on how they use Twitter in their teaching.  Mark has now embedded this video within a Prezi which has a number of other resources on Twitter in Education.  I created a screencast where I talk about how I use Twitter, in truth this has been my only contribution to this particular set of resources, but there are also videos covering how to set up a twitter account as well as information on hashtags and twitter clients.  The plan is to continue this work throughout the year and plans are already underway for a follow up set of resources covering blogging.  If you would like to get involved please let me know through the comments below or at @pamelaaobrien  or @ictedu on Twitter.

Finally, we are crowdsourcing a list of dream keynote presenters.  It’s great to get people’s ideas on who they would like to hear present so if you have any suggestions add them to our #dreamkeynote list.


3 responses to “Integrating technology in your class

  1. Hi Pam – I’m about to boldly go where I’ve never gone before etc and introduce my fifth class to twitter and blogging starting on mon 3rd when they come back to school. I have spent the past two months figuring out (mostly by trial and error ) how to get on twitter and set up a class blog as well as becoming addicted to twitter while learning so so much from all the great educators on it as well as from my mentor @catherinecronin. I have managed to set up a class blog with individual blog pages for each pupil on and I’m very excited about it all and hoping that it will all work!! SO I am especially looking forward to the new resources you mention about blogging – Thank You Máire @okeeffefiddle / @msokeeffesclass

    • Máire,
      It’s great seeing more and more teachers engaging with social media with their classes. I got involved in the organisation of the conference because of people like yourself. What you are doing is for me what technology in education is all about. I will be looking forward to seeing your class blog 🙂

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