Collage Making

I saw a post on Pam Moran’s Spaces for Learning blog a few days ago about collage making.   In the spirit of Pam’s post titled ‘Experimenting with Learning New Stuff Isn’t Just for Kids‘ I decided to experiment with making collages.  Having recently returned from a couple of weeks in Portugal with lots of photos I had the perfect material to start with.  As I mentioned in a previous post, we went to Zoomarine while we were there and had a great day, so I thought it would be nice to make a collage of some of the photos to remind us all of a great day.  Like many others I take so many photos that sit on my laptop and are rarely seen.  I print a handful of the hundreds of photos I take and the rest I might flick through on the odd occasion.

Pam had used ‘Collage Creator Lite’ but as I don’t have a Mac I couldn’t use this so I used Collage Maker.   There are lots of different ones and to be honest I didn’t do a huge amount of research before choosing this one as I just wanted to get started.  I’m not sure that I chose terribly wisely as I noticed after I created my first collage that I am on a trial and so will  have to pay $29 when the 31 day trial is up if I want to continue using it.  Despite this I found the application easy to use – my biggest problem was deciding which photos to include and which to leave out 🙂  Once the short list had been drawn up the fiddly work began – resizing, rotating and cropping the photos before fitting them together in a way that worked for me.  I got completely engrossed and stayed up until 1.30am to finish it and I’m delighted with the results as it’s an instant reminder of a great day out.

I was so impressed with how easy it was I went on to make a couple of other collages – a reminder of our holiday and of a great trip to Dublin Zoo on Sunday with my sisters and my nieces.

In her post Pam had mentioned the possibilities for children using collage making applications in education.  To be honest I thought it might be suitable for older children but might be a bit fiddly for younger children like my 9 year old daughter.  I completely underestimated her!  After our trip to the zoo she decided she wanted to do a Glog on Chameleons but when she saw the printed collages she decided she’d like to try one.  I showed her the basics of importing, rotating and moving pictures.  I expected lots of questions but got none!  She figured out how to put frames around her pictures and how to add text among other things.  I’ve really been impressed with how well she’s taken to the various technologies we’re having a play with at the moment.  Our next project is for her to create an Animoto video for our zoo trip.  We have music picked – now we just have to set aside some time to make it 🙂


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