School Celebrations

I was lucky enough to be at celebrations in three different schools over the past few weeksand I was really struck with how important these celebrations are to a school and the amount of work that goes into having them run smoothly.

The celebrations started in the Convent Primary School Nenagh where the cause of the celebrations was 25 years of the school band.  Sr. Stephanie, founder of the school band was the guest of honour.  The highlight of the celebration took place outside, where the band performed Sr. Stephanie’s suite, music which was composed by the girls specially for the occasion.

Later that same day I went along to the official opening of Silvermines National School.  After more than 10 years of planning and preparation the new school was finally started this time last year and was completed in March.  Then came time for the celebrations when the community came together for the official opening.  We were blessed with a beautiful evening in the middle of a typical wet summer in Ireland!  What really came through from the people who spoke on the night was how important the support of the local community for the school has been.  That support was very visible again on the night as people came together to celebrate the beautiful new school.

The final celebration was my son’s graduation mass to mark the end of his time in primary school.  My previous post on this momentous occasion can be found here.

The common denominators for all of these school celebrations were the input of the children and the links between a local school and the community in which it finds itself.


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