To PhD or not to PhD …

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Over the past few years I have toyed around with the idea of entering a PhD programme.  I didn’t tell anyone about my aspirations but it was something I was mulling over in my head.  The thoughts of starting a body of work, that will realistically last for 5-6 years, and, which will really take me out of my comfort zone, is absolutely terrifying but I think I’m finally ready to start the ball rolling.  I’m not sure of the exact area or topic but I do know that it will be on some aspect of Mathematics Education.  As I look into the abyss, the only thing that will make me jump in, is a topic that I feel passionate about and that I will hopefully still feel passionate about at the end of the PhD process.   Am I being unrealistic?  Probably, but I’m an optimist by nature so hopefully that will carry me through the dark days ahead when I wonder why I took this step.  Wish me luck as I take my first tentative steps on this journey 🙂


16 responses to “To PhD or not to PhD …

      • Defo go for it Pam!!The middle part of any collage/work/project that you take on is always the hardest I find (That and making the decision to go for it),but you seen to know already so do it and enjoy it!(”,)

    • Thanks Triona,
      I veer between thinking it will be possible to keep the work, home and research balls in the air at the same time to thinking that I’m mad to even be contemplating a PhD. All things considered I think I am going to start it in the next few months.

  1. Good luck!! you should go for it…i started and then stopped when a job in the college came up and was taking ages to agree on a research title b/c supervisor was head of commerce and too busy really but…wouldn’t rule out going back to it!!

    • Thanks Niamh, I feel that now is as good a time as any to start it. Hopefully I will be able to get a supervisor that I’ll work well with and who can give it the time it needs. Will be very difficult otherwise.

  2. How wonderful, Pam. I found earning a doctorate altered how I read and what I read and the ways in which I thought and wrote. A most important adventure. Some advice I received that held me in good stead: “Slow down. Take your time. When will you ever have this opportunity to read and theorize with such intensity?” I worked on my doctorate from 1993 through 1998. It was most rewarding.

    Good luck to you and enjoy.

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