An iPhone and a bit of imagination ….

For the past month the girls in my daughters class have been practicising their play “The Snow Queen”. Last Friday saw the girls parents and grandparents come in to the ‘halla’, to finally see what the girls had been so excited about. My daughter wouldn’t generally be the best to share what she is doing in school but this has really grabbed her attention. The first I heard about it was when the scripts came home to practice for the auditions. She really wanted to get the part of ‘Junior Crow’ and so she was thrilled to get the part that she wanted. There then followed weeks of learning the script and lots of practising in school, with a few dry runs along the way, to prepare for the day when the girls parents came in to see what they had been working so hard on. Posters and invitations were made by the girls and by Friday the excitement was at an all time high 🙂 1.30 was the appointed time so by that time mammies, daddies, grannies and grandads were all assembled and seated ready for the performance.

I got there early enough to get front row seats so I was perfectly placed to take some photos and get the full effect of the performance. I had spoken to Fiona Murnane (the girls teacher) before Friday and had offered to go in to do an Animoto greeting with the girls so that they would have a reminder of their show. I took loads of photos and even recorded some of the songs as I thought it would be nice to use the girls singing as the background to the Animoto. I’m sure most people there thought I was a very proud Mum who probably went a little bit overboard taking photos etc. of her darling daughter. What they didn’t realise was that I was taking photos etc. of all of their darling daughters 🙂  I had planned to record the girls singing on another day but decided to give Voice Memos on the iPhone a go to see what the quality would be like. It may not be perfect but it’s certainly good enough for me to use.

Yesterday, I went in to the girls to produce the Animoto. They were still so excited about the show and it was lovely to be a part of that excitement.  I played back the recordings of the songs and showed them the photos.  Like typical 8-9 year old girls there was much giggling and embarrassment listening to themselves and seeing the photos.  We had to make sure that everyone was included and that we chose the best song.  Throughout the hour that I spent in the class the girls continually burst into song.  It was so clear to see that the show had been a really positive experience for them all and that they really enjoyed it.  As a parent watching the show, and as someone who has been in and out of their classroom over the past years and months, it was lovely to see them helping each other out with a nudge or the start of the next line etc. on the day of the show.  Have a look at the Animoto created by the girls as a momento of their play “The Snow Queen”.


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