My 2 year Twitteversary

Yesterday, Sunday 5th February was my 2 year Twitteversary.  I signed up at approx. 11.30 pm on Friday 5th February 2010 after returning from the CESI Meet in Portlaoise. It seemed that everyone was tweeting so I thought I’d get in on the act. I didn’t really get it back then but decided to sign up anyway.  My first year on Twitter was nondescript, and that’s being generous.  I tweeted very little as I still didn’t really get what everyone was so excited about.  Fast forward to today and now I finally get it. 🙂 I can’t imagine not tweeting now.  In fact Twitter is probably my main method of communication with a lot of the people I contact.  The change came about this weekend last year when I returned to the CESI Conference and again everyone was tweeting.  At this stage, I still didn’t have a smartphone so I still didn’t really get it but I suppose I was starting to.  After the CESI conference last year I managed to get the use of an iPad, purely for educational purposes you understand 🙂 Then I got what Twitter was – no more having to remember to log in and check what people were tweeting and so really this is effectively my 1 year Twitteversary.

I can honestly say that Twitter has had a huge impact on my life.  It has changed my interactions with so many people.  I have made changes to my teaching – I used Java in my Maths class among other things this year.  I think for teaching functions particularly this has worked really well.  There are also more subtle changes to what I do in my classroom and how I do it.  The enthusiasm and encouragement you get from people on Twitter is infectious.

Something else that has changed as a result of Twitter is my interaction with local schools.  Over the past 10 years I have worked on various initiatives with local schools to introduce technology into the classroom.  My involvement with the Connected Classrooms initiative on Twitter (#ccGlobal) has given a renewed focus to my interaction with local primary schools.  I’ve used webtools such as Animoto to create greetings to be sent around the world as part of the #ccGlobal Greetings project.

My weekends have changed dramatically as a result of Twitter.  Back in September I saw a number of tweets about a new initiative called Coder Dojo which had set up in a number of centres around the country – my nearest one was in Limerick so I decided to take my son and see what it was about.  Since then I have signed up as a mentor and our trips to Coder Dojo have become a family affair with my son, daughter and niece making the trip twice a month to the Limerick Coder Dojo.  Check out what we get up to at Limerick Coder Dojo.

And finally my Monday nights have been taken over by #edchatie.   I really enjoy 8.30 to 9.30 on a Monday night where educators across all levels in Ireland come together to discuss some aspect of education.  Our musings are guided by the very capable @fboss who helps to keep us on track or just gives us our head as required 🙂 My husband and children all realise that there is no point in trying to get any response from me during this hour of the week!!

So that’s been the highlights of my 2 years on Twitter.  I’m looking forward to the trip to Portlaoise on the weekend of February 24th/25th for the CESI Meet and Conference.  Who knows what I might be inspired to try out as a result of the trip this year!


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