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Coder Dojo Limerick returned last Saturday 21st January but unfortunately we couldn’t make it so we went back yesterday.  I had followed the tweets from @CoderDojoLim and various mentors last week so I knew that the numbers were up, with 54 attending last week.  I was curious to see if that was just a one off or if the interest would continue this week.  I got to the Downtown Centre for about half 11 and and from 20 to 12 they just kept coming.  We ended up with 61 kids in total and lots of parents too.  It was great to see the parents staying and helping out as needed, and learning themselves along the way.

We had 3 rooms yesterday – two Scratch rooms and a Robocode room.  The new recruits were taken through the basics of Scratch and those returning worked through their own ideas for projects.   It was great to see that many of those who were working on Scratch before Christmas, have now progressed into the senior room coding in Java for Robocode (  Using Scratch as a stepping stone seems to work, particularly for the younger kids, as it gets them comfortable  with programming concepts in a very graphical way which gives them the confidence to progress to programming languages such as Java.  The atmosphere at Coder Dojo is very relaxed and it was great to see all 3 rooms totally engrossed in what they were doing and having fun in the process.  We’re back to Coder Dojo next week and we’re all looking forward to it already.

Coder Dojo’s are springing up in lots of  locations both in Ireland and further afield, so if you’re interested in Coder Dojo, either to attend or to help out check out


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