It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Last week saw the the end of classes for this term so the mood at work was lighter than normal and it was decided to put up the Christmas tree in the office.  Once the tree was assembled there was discussion about whether to put on the lights first and then decorate or to decorate and then put on the lights.  General concensus was lights first.  Then of course there was the discussion about whether to start at the bottom or the top.  I personally start at the bottom and either run out of lights before the top of the tree or run out of tree before the end of the lights 🙂  The latter then involves draping the remainder down the tree and not being able to find the end when January comes!! So now we have the lights up and talk turns to how to put on the baubles.  In my naivety I presumed we would just be putting them on in a reasonably haphazard fashion and then moving a few as necessary to make sure it looked ok but apparently this wasn’t to be.   It seemed that the baubles were to be put up in bunches of three.  To say I wasn’t convinced doesn’t even come close.  There followed much discussion about why the baubles would look better in groups of three so groups of three it was.  Even though I took to it with gusto I still wasn’t convinced but I have to say that the final result did look good for an office tree.

When it comes to decorating my own Christmas trees the term ‘more is more’ definitely applies.  We have two Christmas trees – our grown up’s tree and our children’s one.  While I love the grown ups tree, if I could only have one tree, the children’s tree would win every time.  This is the tree that has our lives in memories and now the memories continue as we all work together to put up the tree, put the lights on and decorate the tree.  There are lots of decorations on that tree with a special meaning.  The most precious ones to me are the decorations which hold pictures of both my children on their first Christmas Day.  Of course it’s probably only my son and I who remember that the pictures have been swapped around in the frames over the years  🙂

Then there are the many decorations with special memories such as the angel from the top of our first tree which was a teeny three foot one, or the decorations we bought on our trip to New York when I was pregnant with my son who is now 12.

Then of course there are the decorations which are special to my son and daughter, such as the Buzz Lightyear decoration which my son loved when he was younger (and still does if truth be told!).  The house resonated to the sounds of “to impinity and meyond” which shows how young he was at the time.  He gets the honour of putting the Buzz decoration on the tree every year. He was sick this year when my daughter and I began decorating the tree.  Once he recovered he lost no time in letting me know that he was not happy with where we placed Buzz and promptly moved him.  For my daughter, her favourite decoration at the moment is Pinocchio.  Her favourite changes over the years but I think it was the letter to Santa which swung it in Pinocchio’s favour for the past few years 🙂  Winnie the Pooh decorations also feature heavily on our tree and are some of the first decorations which she puts on the tree every year.

There are so many decorations which I love on my tree that I could write multiple blog posts about them.  I’ll leave you with two last pictures of decorations made by my son and daughter, which for me, are what completes my  tree 🙂

So all of the baubles and all of the memories come together as …


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