Christmas Greetings

The connected classrooms community (#ccGlobal) have come together to celebrate Christmas by sending cards to each other.  This has generated lots of excitement around the world.  Each class is creating an electronic Christmas greeting, creating a QR code to access the electronic greeting and sending the QR code in a card to participating schools.  Classes are working furiously to create cards and get them in the post and already cards are being delivered to a flurry of great excitement.   So far 27 classes are signed up to the project from Ireland, UK, USA, Hungary, Hong Kong, Canada and Australia.  For more details check out  For anyone interested in getting involved in #ccGlobal follow the invitation here

I was in my daughter’s school today to show the girls how to scan the QR code and access the message – they had received two cards in the post this week, one from Holycross and one from Shankill.   We had great fun looking at the messages, seeing the children from the other schools and listening to the Christmas songs on the greetings.   We took photos for their greeting and I have my instructions on the style and the music for the girls greeting.  I will be using Animoto to create the greeting.  Animoto allows you to quickly create a greeting by choosing a style, uploading pictures and then choosing music.  Then I just need create the QR code and print them ready for posting on Monday.

Besides sending the cards an Advent calendar has been set up so each class will get their day in the limelight. The calendar was launched yesterday with a greeting from Australia – there was great hilarity at the Australian take on  ‘Jingle Bells’ from the girls today.  Day 2 was a message from York in the UK so the girls can’t wait to see whose greeting is next.  We’ve signed up for Tuesday 20th.  I can only imagine what the excitement will be like on that day 🙂


2 responses to “Christmas Greetings

  1. And this is the woman who wasn’t sure about the idea of a CESI Meet tagged to the Tipperary Internet Event…. !!! 😀 😀
    Doesn’t a couple of years really roll round fast?

    Great Project; Great blog.

    • What can I say – takes a while to convince me. Best decision we ever made having the Meet before the conference so thanks for persisting!! Hopefully we can have a CESI Meet before next year’s conference too. Waiting to get website set up before we unveil the date but next years conference promises to our best yet 🙂

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