What a difference a week makes …

This time last week I felt very frazzled – a project which I have been working on for more than a year was nearing completion and the end of term was fast approaching with lots of material still to cover and assessments to set.  Thrown into the bargain I was off to Belfast for the weekend with my mum and my sisters, which I was really looking forward to, but which was adding to the feeling of ‘lots to do but no time to do it all’.  I often work at the weekend so going away was adding to my troubles.  As it turned out, the weekend away was probably just what the doctor ordered 🙂  It was lovely to be out and about doing normal things and having a good time (as an aside this was my first trip to Belfast but it wont be my last.  What a beautiful, friendly city :-))

So from being very frazzled this time last week, I now feel remarkably less frazzled.  A few things have happened over the week to bring about this change.  This coming Friday is D day for the aforementioned project so apart from some minor amendments to documentation, the die has now been cast and the fate of the project lies in others hands.  All I know is that I have done all that is humanely possible to achieve a favourable outcome and I can do no more.  I’m now also a week closer to the end of term (which is next week) and we have made significant progress through the material so we are now on track to cover all the material (an added bonus is that the two assessments needed for tomorrow are now also done :-))

Finally, two things happened this week which have taken me aback a little it has to be said.  Firstly I got my first nomination for the Education Blog Awards (http://edublogawards.com/) from Nigel Lane (@NL_84) for this blog.  This completely bowled me over as it was completely unexpected.  I got two more nominations for the Education Blog Awards from Michelle Moloney King (@MoloneyKing) and Sabine McKenna (@SabineMcKenna).  The kind words from Nigel, Michelle and Sabine about the blog are truly appreciated and gave me an unexpected lift in an otherwise difficult week.  The next step in the process is shortlisting.  Who knows what that will bring but to be honest I’m happy just to have been nominated 3 times.  The final unexpected lift I got this week was when the principal of my daughter’s school rang me to ask me if I would be interested in being involved on the Board of Management of the school as a community respresentative.   I have agreed to be involved and look forward to where this takes me for the next four years.  So the saying “what a difference a day (or in my case a week) makes”  is certainly true 🙂


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