Halloween hangouts

I wrote a few weeks ago about the #ccGlobal Global Celebrations and Festivities project – for more information check out here.  The plan was to connect my daughter’s class with Michael Thornton’s class in Virginia and Roy Mitchell’s class in Sligo to discuss traditions around how we celebrate Halloween, to see the similarities and the differences.  Unfortunately, due to graduations, presidential elections and babies the Google+ hangout did not happen last week – the dates that worked for us in Ireland didn’t work for the class in the US and vice versa.  While this was disappointing, we’re hopeful that we will have better luck next time – hopefully in the lead up to Christmas.

Due to the lack of an opportunity to connect the classes last week, I decided to connect directly with Michael’s class with my own family.  We normally have a trick or treat party on Halloween, with my nieces and nephews and my own children, so I thought it might be a nice idea to do a Google+ hangout with them and Michael’s class. We decided to connect at 5.30pm Irish time (which was 1.30 pm in the US – our clocks changed this weekend and theirs will change next weekend).  I timed it so that, on our end we would be dressed for trick or treating, so we could talk about costumes etc.   At about 5.25 we joined the hangout started by Michael and started chatting.  I think there were 16 children at his side and we had 7 on our end.  We started by chatting about the costumes and what they were dressed as or going to dress as.  We then chatted a bit about what the children would get when they went trick or treating.  Next we talked a little about the origins of the Halloween festival in Ireland (the festival of Samhan), which my daughter was learning about last week in school.  We finished off by showing each other the candies and sweets that we would be giving and receiving on each side of the Atlantic.

We were excitable on our end as the children ranged in age from 3 to 9 and the thoughts of trick or treating was a little distracting 🙂 Despite this we really enjoyed the chat and it has made me even more anxious to facilitate the connect between the classes coming up to Christmas, so thank you Michael for taking the time to connect with us.


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